For the past couple of years I’ve been using ShootDotEdit to handle my wedding photography image edits.

I still pull the odd image into Photoshop, or spend a little more time fine tuning in Lightroom, but I’d say that between 80-90% of my images come back from SDE and get uploaded directly to my client’s gallery.

This obviously helps enormously with my wedding photo delivery times, allowing me to get entire wedding galleries to clients in under 10 days… sometimes in less than a week!

With outsourced image editing, it’s a win: win. Happy clients, happy you.

Imagine how long you normally spend editing your images.

Now imagine having all that time back 🙂

Outsourcing your image editing allows you the freedom to focus your time on other areas of your wedding photography business. Or maybe you prefer to just use your new found free time to hang out more with your friends and family…


ShootDotEdit Discount Code

Follow the instructions below to use your ShootDotEdit Discount Code to receive an entire free month of unlimited image editing.

Each ‘event’ you upload is limited to 700 photos, but in your free month there are no limits to the number of events uploaded.

Normally I’d recommend waiting for your busiest month to take advantage of this offer, but truth be told, I don’t actually know how long it’s going to last.

So best bet – jump on board now.

Even if you’re still on the fence about having someone else edit your images, now is the best time to try it out – there’s nothing to lose. If you don’t like it, you just go back to editing your images yourself.

Here’s how to get the free month:

Instructions – follow carefully!

In order to qualify for the one month free plan, you need to do 2 things:

1. Click this link

2. Sign up, then choose the Roll Over Plan

3. Enter the discount code: shotkit18

(see the screenshot below for where to enter the code)

Let me know what you plan to do with all your free time 😉