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Discover how to make every bride and every vendor your own personal salesperson. Learn how to make an impression that keeps bringing you business.
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Actionable SEO tips to help your wedding photography business dominate Google and out-rank your competitors.
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Maximise the impact of the time you spend on Facebook. Advanced organic and paid techniques to book more brides with less effort.
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Implement powerful techniques to add value to your wedding photography services, making every client a lifetime fan of your brand.
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Step-by-step guides to booking your first destination wedding in less than 10 days. Learn the most efficient way to tap into the global market.
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Actionable Tips to Book More Brides

More Brides will transform you from the wedding photographer who waits for the next booking to the photographer who chooses the next booking.


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190+ pages of simple but powerful tactics to accelerate your wedding booking requests.


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Recent Review of More Brides

Listen to what Andrew from the PhotoBizX podcast had to say about More Brides.

Real Wedding Photographers. Real Results

Everyone is benefitting from More Brides! World-class wedding photographers with hundreds of weddings under their belts all the way down to newcomers just stepping their foot into the wedding photography industry. Isn't it time you joined them?

Nordica - Stockholm Wedding Photographers

More Brides is the marketing bible for wedding photographers. The tactics are explained in a clear way and anyone who follows this guide will gain the attention of their target market. This is the guide we wish someone would have handed to us when we started our business.

Stark Photography - Portland Wedding Photographers

No matter if you're a seasoned professional or just starting out - you will find something useful in this book. The wedding industry is constantly changing and evolving and this guide will help you excel and stay ahead of the curve.

Sansom Photography - Leeds Wedding Photographers

Over the last 10 years marketing has changed tremendously, for us SEO has always been a main focus and has proved to be the most consistent source of enquiries without costing us much at all. Drawing on a wealth of industry knowledge Mark has created a guide that is a must read for any business, new or old, in this technological age. Covering almost everything you could think of when it comes to online marketing we recommend More Brides to each and every business we mentor.

Jessica Hill - Portland Wedding Photographer

More Brides is incredibly thorough, well written and its chock full of great tips and tricks. Useful for the beginner or seasoned pro, it's got something for everyone. Seriously, so much good info in here!

Sage Justice - San Diego Wedding Photographer

What an incredible guide - I was overwhelmed with the amount of content, but because of the simple breakdown and easy-to-follow text, this is something any photographer can benefit from. I highly recommend More Brides for any photographer - old and new - looking to improve their wedding photography business!

Sarah Lauren - Devon Wedding Photographer

I was lucky enough to read a pre-release version of More Brides earlier this year and have since doubled my wedding booking requests for 2017. The best part is I'm only part way through the book! I wish More Brides was available when I started out in the industry all those years ago. I'd be where I am now in WAY less time.

Karina Palamarchuk - Smart Albums

More Brides is an essential guide to making more money for your business.

Andrew Hellmich - PhotoBizX

At $48 the book is an absolute steal! I have a copy and the layout is easy to follow, full of diagrams, step by step instructions and more detail than you’d ever expect from such a wide range of topics. I was instantly intrigued when I saw the questionable strategy on utilising a “Ghost Associate”. As someone who has been shooting weddings for over 15 years and interviewing photographers from around the world about their businesses, I’d never heard or seen this idea before. Very cool! It’s obvious how much work has gone into this and it truly is a credit to Mark.

Anthony Gauna - San Antonio Wedding Photographer

More Brides is a great read for any level of photographer. I was impressed with how detailed it is, yet very easy to understand. Each section guides you step by step and is very easy to begin implementing right away. The section about SEO alone is worth the money. It's the easiest way of explaining SEO that I've come across. I would've loved to have had this when I started my business.

Jacob - Metrojojo

More Brides is a great book - not just for wedding photography SEO, but perhaps the first really comprehensive and practical SEO guide I've seen. It really walks you through quite a bit and give a lot of practical advice for how to get things done.

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191 pages of awesome tips and tricks to multiply your wedding bookings!

More Brides


How to Book More Brides using...

01 Keyword Research

02 On Page SEO

03 Link Building

04 Hub Pages

05 Lead Magnets

06 Social Media

07 Printed Media

08 Referrals

09 Personal Appearance

10 Existing Clients

11 The Same Day Slideshow

12 The Next Day Sneak Peek

13 The Ghost Associate

14 The Ten Day Turnaround

15 Engagement Sessions

191 Pages to Improve your Business

PDF viewable on all devices

**Educational Product - 100% tax deductible for your photography business**
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More Brides + LIT


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Improve your wedding photography creative lighting techniques and get inspired by 54 world class photographers. Includes lighting diagrams, gear guides and exclusive discounts.

139 Pages to Improve your Lighting PDF viewable on all devices

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More Brides + LIT + Lightroom Power User


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Learn 54 actionable tips to speed up your Lightroom Workflow and improve your wedding photography editing.

148 Pages to Speed up your Lightroom Workflow

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**Educational Product - 100% tax deductible for your photography business**
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About The Author

Mark Condon is a Sydney based wedding photographer. Through his work with popular photography website Shotkit, he has gained knowledge and experience working with some of the world's most successful wedding photographers. Mark compiled the More Brides book to help smart wedding photographers grow their businesses by implementing unorthodox techniques to stay ahead of the competition.

Mark Condon

"I'm not an award winning wedding photographer and I don't have 10,000 Facebook fans. However, I do receive 3x more wedding photography booking requests than I did last year, prior to implementing the strategies in More Brides.

Wedding photography is a competitive industry. Being a great artist is only a small fraction of what it takes to build a successful business. Make sure you're giving yourself the best chance of booking more brides by investing in a book with proven techniques to rapidly grow your business."