Wedding Photo Contests sponsored by More Brides


Wedding Photo Contests by More Brides


More Brides is holding monthly Wedding Photo Contests to give you a chance to showcase your best wedding photography in the hope of winning an awesome prize!

Each month you’ll have a chance to win some useful and sexy photography gear related directly to wedding photographers like us 🙂

Our sponsors include Smart Albums, SmartSlides, Peak Design, Flothemes, Holdfast and ThinkTank, so expect some great prizes coming your way!

All you have to do is submit your best work to the wedding photo contest and keep your fingers crossed that you’ll be the next winner.

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Wedding Photo Contests | How do I enter?

No matter your age, location or experience in wedding photography, if you’re a professional wedding photographer you can enter the More Brides Wedding Photo Contests.

Entry is free – all we ask is that you adhere strictly to the guidelines of each wedding photo contest, making sure the photo you upload sticks to the theme.

To enter the photo contest, simply sign up (for free), then upload one photo and fill in your details. You’ll be notified by email at the end of the contest if you’re a winner or not, so make sure you add [email protected] to your email’s safe senders’ list.


Wedding Photo Contests | How do I win?

Each month we’ll have one guest judge from the wedding photography community who will pick 1 winner and 3 runners up.

However, their picks won’t determine the final winner… Here’s where this photo contest is different to all others.

In most wedding photo contests, the number of votes for a photo is usually just a reflection of how popular the photographer is, or how big his/her social following is. If you’ve got a huge following, it’s usually easier to sway a photo contest by asking all your followers to vote for you.

With the More Brides Photo Contests, members of the public can vote for their favourite photos as normal, but the judge’s vote will count for multiple normal votes.

In this way, it’s still possible for the judge’s favourite photo to not win, but hopefully it gives all wedding photographers a fair chance at winning.


What will the Wedding Photo Contest themes be?

Another way we wanted to differentiate this wedding photo contest from all others is the choice of contest theme.

Rather than broad topics normally used in photo contests such as the ‘best wedding photo’, or the ‘best engagement photo’, you can expect more specific themes.

We hope this will encourage more wedding photographers to participate; make the photo contest much more entertaining; and finally, we hope the contest itself will become a useful resource for wedding photographers looking for inspiration.